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In just Seattle alone, there will be thousands of youth sold for sex tonight.  In cities around the world, the number of people exploited multiplies exponentially to form the multi-billion dollar commercial sex trade.  

I am honored to invite you into the work of Furthering.  Because I have experienced how vital it is to have quality spiritual direction to go far on impossible journeys, this effort provides free spiritual direction to anti-traffickers and survivors.


I received my certificate in spiritual direction from North Park University in Chicago and have served communities and individuals in spiritual formation for over 20 years.  My experiences serving young girls trafficked in Guatemala City and working alongside anti-traffickers in Athens, Greece informs this work. 


If you are a partner and want to get in touch about sowing into this effort, please see the partner tab above.  If you are an anti-trafficker who would like to hear more about spiritual direction, please check out the anti-trafficker page and be in touch via the contact form.  I look forward to the possibility of hosting you in the temenos of spiritual direction.

For the sake of furthering your long and beautiful journey in life and health and peace,


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